CS1.301 Algorithm Analysis and Design (Monsoon 2022)


  • Teaching assistants: Posted on Moodle
  • Schedule: Lectures: Wednesday and Saturday, 10:00 – 11:25, Tutorial: Wednesday, 14:00 - 15:00
  • Classroom: H-105


  1. Introduction to Algorithm Analysis

    • Class notes (Includes the list of tentative topics)
    • References: Chapter 2 of [1]
  2. Basic Graph Algorithms: BFS and DFS

  3. Basic Graph Algorithms: DFS (contd), and Testing bipartiteness

  4. Basic Graph Algorithms: Testing bipartiteness, Search algorithms on Directed graphs

  5. Basic Graph Algorithms: Directed Acyclic Graphs, and Topological sort

  6. Greedy Algorithms: Shortest paths

  7. Greedy Algorithms: Minimum spanning trees

  8. Greedy Algorithms: Huffman coding

  9. Greedy Algorithms: Huffman coding (contd.), and Interval scheduling

  10. Divide and Conquer: Merge sort, Karatsuba’s integer multiplication, Strassen’s matrix multiplication

    • Class notes
    • References: Sections 5.1, 5.2 and 5.5 of [1]
  11. Divide and Conquer: Discrete Fourier Transform

  12. Divide and Conquer: Closest pair of points

  13. Review

  14. Dynamic Programming: Fibonacci, Longest Increasing Subsequence

  15. Dynamic Programming: Interval scheduling

  16. Dynamic Programming: Subset problem, 0-1 Knapsack, Matrix Chain Multiplication

    • Class notes
    • References: Section 6.4 of [1], and section 2.8 of [5]
  17. Dynamic Programming: All pairs shortest paths

  18. Network Flows I

  19. Network Flows II

  20. Network Flows III

  21. Network Flows IV

  22. Computational Efficiency, and Intractability I

  23. Computational Efficiency, and Intractability II

  24. Computational Efficiency, and Intractability III

  25. Computational Efficiency, and Intractability IV


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